When do CFA level 2 & 3 results come out in 2023?

When do CFA level 2 & 3 results come out? The Chartered Financial Analyst Institute (CFAI) will announce the CFA level 3 result 90 days after the exam is taken. On its official website, cfainstitute.org, the institute has released the CFA Level 3 August 2022 and May 2022 results. Exams for the August 2022 session were given from August 30 to September 6, and those for the May 2022 session were given from May 24 to May 26, respectively. The institute also sends emails to the applicants’ registered email accounts as soon as the CFA level 3 results are made public. 

When do CFA level 2 & 3 results come out in 2023?

The NOV 2022 level 1 CFA exam results will be made public on January 12, 2023, according to the CFA Institute. Candidates for the NOV level 2 CFA exam should anticipate their exam results as soon as January 17*. In general, CFA Institute has up to 60 days to announce the results of the level 1 and level 2 CFA exams.

The standard procedure for publishing CBT results has been, so far, as follows: CFA test date + 6-7 weeks for level 1, 7-8 weeks for level 2, and 8-9 weeks for level 3. The first CBT exam results to be made public were for the level 1 and level 2 CFA exams in AUG 2022, around 5 weeks after the exam.
Results for the CFA exam are typically announced on Tuesday or Thursday.

Your CFA ExamExam DateExpected CFA Exam
Results Date
Pass Rate
NOV 2022 Level 1 Exam15-21 Nov 202212 Jan 2023 (confirmed!)36%
NOV 2022 Level 2 Exam22-26 Nov 202217 Jan* 2023still waiting
Aug 2022 Level 1 Exam23-29 Aug 20224 Oct 202237%
Aug 2022 Level 2 Exam30 Aug-3 Sept 202211 Oct 202240%
Aug 2022 Level 3 Exam30 Aug-6 Sept 20221 Nov 202248%
May 2022 Level 1 Exam17-23 May 20227 July 202238%
May 2022 Level 3 Exam24-26 May 202228 July 202249%
Feb 2022 Level 1 Exam15-21 Feb 202212 Apr 202236%
Feb 2022 Level 2 Exam22-26 Feb 202219 Apr 202244%
Nov 2021 Level 1 Exam16-22 Nov 202111 Jan 202227%
low pass rate?
Nov 2021 Level 2 Exam26-30 Nov 202119 Jan 202246%
Nov 2021 Level 3 Exam23-25 Nov 20213 Feb 202243%
Aug 2021 Level 1 Exam13-30 Aug 202114 Oct 202126%
Aug 2021 Level 2 Exam31 Aug – 4 Sept 202121 Oct 202129%
Aug 2021 Level 3 Exam1-8 Sept 20212 Nov 202139%
July 2021 Level 1 Exam18-26 July 202114 Sept 202122%
May 2021 Level 1 Exam18-24 May 202127 July 202125%
May 2021 Level 2 Exam25 May – 1 June 20213 Aug 202140%
May 2021 Level 3 Exam25 May – 1 June 202110 Aug 202142%
Feb 2021 Level 1 Exam16 Feb-1 March 202113 April 202144%
Dec 2020 Level 1 Exam5/6 December 202028 January 202149%
Dec 2020 Level 2 Exam5/6 December 202028 January 202155%
Dec 2020 Level 3 Exam5/6 December 202017 February 202156%
Dec 2019 Level 1 Exam7 December 201930 January 202042%

What constitutes a passing score on the CFA Exam?

When do CFA level 2 & 3 results come out

You must get the minimum passing score (MPS) established specifically for each completed exam in order to pass the CFA exam. The MPS may change from year to year, but it very certainly never rises above 70%. The MPS and individual candidate scores, however, are never made public.

Therefore, you will never be able to calculate your exact score or % level. All you can say is that if you passed, you either met the MPS or came close enough for the ethical adjustment to save you and if you failed, you either fell short of the MPS or the ethics adjustment backfired.

The MPS will be maintained as is for new students in order to uphold high standards for grading.

The MPS is set when and how.

The CFA Institute Board of Governors meets following the exam to decide on the exact MPS value. The modified Angoff technique yields a valid range that the set MPS value falls inside, providing an empirical foundation for the MPS settlement. Before the MPS is eventually decided, the approach is used to evaluate the exam difficulty and real applicant performance by a sizable and diverse set of CFA charterholders.


how long is the CFA level 3 exam?

The CFA level 3 exam IS 4 hours and 24 minutes Long.

when is the CFA level 3 exam?

In February and August/September of 2023, Level III of the CFA test will be given twice annually.

what to bring to the CFA level 3 exam?

Wallet (money purse) (money purse) any sort of luggage, including clear bags, backpacks, totes, handbags, briefcases, carry-ons, passport covers, or eyeglass cases. Notes, papers, textbooks, or study aids are examples of study materials. calculator user guides.

can you rip pages out of the CFA level 3 exam?

For usage during the exam, you will receive either scratch paper, a whiteboard, or an erasable writing tablet. Additionally, as part of the check-in procedure, some personal things might need to be inspected.

can you use whiteout for the CFA level 3 exam?


how hard is the CFA level 3 exam?

Given that majority of the questions on the Level III test are in essay style, it is regarded as one of the most difficult CFA exams. Gaining mastery of topics especially linked to portfolio management, which is at the core of this exam, and practicing as many essay-type questions as you can are the keys to success.

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