How many best jobs will be available in finance consumer services in 2023?

finance consumer services: Are you seeking jobs in finance and consumer services in 2023 with the highest salaries? Are you interested in learning how many jobs there are in consumer services? If so, I must mention that there are various work options in the consumer services sector, and most are among the highest-paying ones. I recommend reading further in the following paragraphs to learn more about how much consumer services jobs pay and the highest-paying positions in this industry.

Highest-Paying Finance Consumer Services Careers

The median annual compensation for finance and business occupations is $72,250, which is more than $30,000 higher than the median annual salary for all occupations, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. What are the highest-paying jobs in finance consumer services out of the more than 700,000 new jobs the industry will add between 2020 and 2030?

For individuals who are thinking about a career in finance, we have given a thorough report to address that question. It focuses on professions in finance consumer services and compensation in these fields.

What Do Jobs in Financial and Consumer Services Pay?

Consumer finance occupations can be very lucrative. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, professionals in this area make more money per year than the $41,950 median salary for all jobs in the country. The median annual wage for jobs in business and finance in May 2020 was $72,250.

Job Outlook for Financial Consumer Services

The employment forecast for consumer financial services is also promising. The BLS predicts that employment in this profession will increase by 8% between 2020 and 2030. A booming economy, globalization, and complex tax and regulatory systems are the most likely causes of this growth. It is anticipated that there would be an increase in demand for accountants and auditors.

Jobs in Finance and Consumer Services

Financial consumer services professionals are generally happy with their careers. This is due to the fact that they are in great demand and have employment opportunities across a variety of industries, earning more than the national average for all occupations. This implies that individuals have access to a wide range of career options and can quickly select the one that best suits their preferences.

Top 9 Jobs in finance consumer services in 2023?

finance consumer services

1. Bank teller

The first position I’d want to discuss is one of the highest-paying positions in the financial and consumer services industry. An average annual income of $36,120 is available for bank teller jobs. You must work for banks and credit unions as a bank teller to assist customers in managing their financial activities.

2. Call center representative

Call center representative: With an average annual compensation of $35,723, call center representative is the next most sought-after job. In order to fill this position, you must manage both incoming and outgoing calls for a telemarketing or contact center company.

While many professions in the consumer services sector are in the banking sector, one of the highest-paying positions is that of a medical receptionist. You can work for hospitals, clinics, and private offices in this profession and get an average pay of $38,580 per year while performing clerical tasks such as greeting and checking in patients, making appointments, sending appointment reminders, and other administrative tasks.

3. Flight attendant

You have a fourth choice of working as a flight attendant, which pays an average of $41,719 annually. Typically, you will work for both private and public airlines. Your duties will include greeting guests, assisting them in finding seats, stowing carry-on luggage, ensuring safety compliance through equipment demos, and serving food.

4. Receptionist:

If you are good at providing customer service, you may become a receptionist and earn an annual salary of $46,661. In this role, you can work for many businesses in a front desk setting to welcome clients, respond to inquiries, record grievances, and assist in directing clients to the best staff or department for their needs.

5. Account Coordinator

With an annual income of $43,336 on average, you will work for a marketing firm providing administrative support to senior client services professionals.

6. Customer relations specialist

With an annual income of $43,956, you can also work as a client relations specialist. To guarantee long-term client satisfaction, you must work on behalf of a variety of firms in this position.

7. Concierge

If you enjoy working in hotels and have good customer service abilities, you may become a concierge and earn an annual income of $48,432. You must extend a warm greeting to visitors, verify their reservations, tour visitors around the property, and make sure they have all they need for a happy stay.

finance consumer services

8. Hedge Fund Director

These specialists operate hedge funds for investors either on their own or within investing businesses. High-net-worth investors that want to meet their investment objectives hire these professionals. Making decisions about the funds they manage is a major component of this profession.

The choices influence fund performance and boost investors’ overall returns. Additionally, some professional certificates, such as the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst and Chartered Financial Analyst designations, may be needed for hedge fund managers.

9. CPA senior accountant

Senior accountants maintain accurate and audited ledgers and keep track of outgoing and incoming payments. They may employ other qualified individuals to manage the books as clerks and bookkeepers who are also supervised. The accountant also oversees accounts receivable and payable, analyses financial records, and prepares financial statements.


Q. What position in the finance sector has the highest salary?

The highest-paid employees in the finance sector are chief financial officers. Experts in the position, which is an executive one, can make more than $100,000 annually. A variety of credentials may also be needed for the position due to the dynamic nature of the industry.

Q. What positions in finance are in demand?

Among the top finance positions in demand right now are financial analysts, accountants, tax accountants, and financial advisors. You require a bachelor’s degree in finance, marketing, accounting, business, or a closely related field to work in any of these fields. Certification could also help you land your dream position in the insurance or customer service industries.

Q. Do jobs in finance pay more than jobs in technology?

Generally speaking, IT does not pay more than finance. The BLS reports that in 2020, the median annual wage for business and financial jobs was $72,250, while the median annual wage for employment in computer and information technology was $91,250. Although IT occupations may pay more, employment in finance often has more freedom.

Q. A career in finance: Is it worthwhile?

For most professionals in the industry, a career in finance is worthwhile. Over the following ten years, the BLS predicts that employment in the sector will increase by 8%. Additionally, more than 700,000 employees will be produced as a result of several circumstances.

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