Top 7 Health Insurance Providers in New York

Are you trying to find the Top 7 Health Insurance Providers in New York?

As a result, this is your only search on the internet. You may identify the Top 7 Health Insurance Providers in New York with the aid of this article.

Several online resources were used to write this article. Finding the Top 7 Health Insurance Providers in New York is the most difficult undertaking. To identify the Top 7 Health Insurance Providers in New York, we tested more than 15 agencies.

Everyone’s main priority is their own health. Hence, health insurance is a must for everyone in the future. So let’s begin with my list of health insurance.

Top 7 Health Insurance Providers in New York

S.NOCredit Repair Companies
1Apple Benefits Company
4New York Medicare Advantage Insurance Stand
5Prana Risk Insurance Services
6Project Medicare
7Wealthship Group
Top 7 Health Insurance Providers in New York

1. Apple Benefits Company

Apple Benefits Company works with your clients all over New York. Their main objective is to help them set up health insurance policies. The partners explain everything in the insurance policy to their clients so that they can proceed. There should be no problem of any kind, and from deduction to all insured retention, we remove their worries on many matters.

It also offers plans to help its clients manage dental care and eye treatment-related expenses so that clients get money when they need it and don’t face as much hardship as part of their efforts to create customized policies. The company studies its viability, it provides work-site marketing and other solutions, including retirement planning, so that lite are happy with their services and get their insurance done here.

Agency NameApple Benefits Company
Address11 Hanover Square 20th Floor, New York, NY 10005
SERVICEShealth insurance policies
Google Ratingn/a
Facebook Ratingn/a
Phone Number(212) 269-3069

2. Health

Customers in New York are served by Health PlansNY. The team working on this plan provides individual, family, and group health insurance policies. It works with many health insurance customers so that customers are happy with their services and can book their insurance here. Get it done. They provide all kinds of facilities so that people can easily get insurance, which includes Ablem Health, Empire Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross, and Oscar. It is working in a school for a long time.

They have very selected people on their team. They get discount insurance and provide all kinds of facilities. has been in business since 2005 and is a well-known two-member insurance company. Broker was founded to provide small business owners with health insurance solutions. Founder Bill Behr, one of the founders, has over 20 years of experience in insurance planning.

Agency NameHealth
Address189 Route 100, New York, NY 10589
Google Rating5.0 / 5 (12)
Facebook Ratingn/a
Phone Number(914) 219-0379


The Mila Managed Health Care Trust Fund provides health insurance to individuals and families in New York. I provide three separate airfares, including Core, Basic, and Premier options. It provides its services to everyone, as well as their health-related Its basic plan uses a provider network to make complete arrangements to provide insurance plans in case of problems.

Mila provides a variety of services, some of which include preventive care, in-network offices, urgent care and maternity services, emergency room care, prescription drugs, as well as dental and optical care. Let’s talk and prepare without them. Their primary plan includes co-pays and coinsurance for emergency room visits while the primary plan covers outpatient and inpatient services, delivery, and emergency medical transportation.

Agency NameMILA
Address55 Broadway, 27TH Floor, New York, NY 10006
Google Ratingn/a
Facebook Ratingn/a
Phone Number(212) 766-5700

4. New York Medicare Advantage Insurance Stand

The New York Medicare Advantage insurance plan serves individuals and families. The health insurance agency meets the needs of Medicare recipients. Its team of agents helps them obtain the coverage they need, including vision, dental, and hearing. It brings its services to the people. and serves the people in difficult times.

It also helps them to compare the available options and choose a suitable plan to improve their condition. Quess chaotic, Kings chaotic, Spholak chaos, etc. are other types of services that are provided to the people and also help them in difficult times. They take care of their customers, if they have any kind of disease or if they face any kind of difficulty, then they help them.

Agency NameNew York Medicare Advantage Insurance Stand
AddressNew York, NY
Google Ratingn/a
Facebook Ratingn/a
Phone Number(800) 975-5967

5. Prana Risk Insurance Services

Life risk insurance services meet the risk protection needs of individuals, families, and businesses in and around New York. The company’s insurance brokers help customers make informed decisions by explaining the products they offer and their health insurance plans. Let us tell you how you can secure your future life by making insurance.

Offer health insurance plans that seek to provide financial resources to policyholders and their family members to pay for unforeseen situations This is done so that your health is not compromised and there is no shortage of money. CEO Seth Patel has over 20 years of experience in the global insurance industry.

Agency NamePrana Risk Insurance Services
Address75 Wall St, New York, NY 10005
Google Rating5.0 / 5 (10)
yelp Rating5.0 / 5 (4)
Phone Number(917) 994-9382

6. Project Medicare

Project Medicare employs people who can get complete information about their customers and help them when they need it. Project Medicare is a service provider based in the state that serves the health-related purposes of its residents. The company provides health insurance through partners such as Fidelity Care and Aetna, as well as Medicare Advantage complete policies and prescription coverage plans.

Its teams of individual advisors assist in providing comprehensive coverage to Medicare beneficiaries, from application and paperwork preparation to provider communications and policy updates. Additionally, the team operates in Pennsylvania, Florida, New Jersey, and Connectivity.

Agency NameProject Medicare
Address405 Lexington Ave 9th floor, New York, NY 10174
Google Ratingn/a
Facebook Ratingn/a
Phone Number(212) 705-8745

7. Wealthship Group

Wealthship Group is an insurance company that provides healthy packages for employers, employees, and senior citizens in New York. The group offers individual and global policies that are highly suited to the needs of its customers. When there is no balance left with them and they are admitted, insurance comes to their rescue.

In its more than 20 years of service, Wealthship Group has helped hundreds of businesses protect their employees, and promote employee engagement through their insurance benefits. But provide them.

Agency NameWealthship Group
Address433 Broadway Ste 233, New York, NY 10013
Google Ratingn/a
Facebook Ratingn/a
Phone Number(347) 229-9799


In the end, I want to say that every agency that is mentioned ( Top 7 Health Insurance Providers in New York ) in this article is a very experienced and hard-working company that provides very profitable health insurance for clients. so you can go with anyone of them. 


Q. How can you find affordable health insurance? 

Employers, Medicare, Medicaid, and the government Health Insurance Marketplace, which provides subsidies in the form of tax credits, are all sources of affordable insurance. Moreover, independent brokers and private insurance providers are available for coverage purchases. 10% of Americans lack health insurance, and nearly half of all Americans have it through their employers.

Q. How do health insurance companies make money?

Consumer premiums are collected by health insurance firms, and the money is then reinvested to generate profit. According to federal legislation, insurers must allocate roughly 80–85% of monies received towards claims, while the remaining 15–20% is used to cover administrative costs.

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