level up leap finance: Leap Finance Education Loan – Features, Benefits & Eligibility

level up leap finance: Studying abroad is becoming the dream of all students today, but they have to face many problems, if you are also struggling with this problem, then just read this post, and all your problems will be over.

Leap Finance is a company made to fulfill your dreams, so if you want to study abroad, you can fulfill your dream with the Indian financial services company Leap Finance.

This post has been written keeping in mind all the necessary documents of financial services. The post has been written after reading the finance website available on the Internet. To fulfill your dream and take a loan from Leap Finance, all the important things have been explained here in brief.

leap finance Review | level up leap finance

Leap Finance is an Indian company that has been providing loans to students studying abroad since 2019. This company has helped many students who wanted loans for their foreign studies. Many students have dreams of studying in America and Canada. to fulfill, which provides loan facilities to the students at a fixed rate of interest. Leap Finance helps Indian students with the help of cutting-edge financial aid. So that students can easily make their global careers.

If you take financial assistance from this company, then you are provided with many types of facilities. Along with the partner, the method of their loan service is quite easy. This loan finance works according to the government and provides finance to the students only on certain documents due to which you can easily trust this company. But I want to say that before taking a loan from any company, do your necessary research.

Benefits and Advantages of leap Financial Education

Leap education brings benefits and advantages to students in many ways, which proves to be a boon for many students. Below are their benefits. –

  • Leap Finance provides the facility of SWIFT application. In the process of this application, the applicant needs some documents. Which makes it easier for them to take loans and save time.
  • There is no cap on Leap Finance loans. Through this, the student can get help from them for 90% of their educational expenses. Businesses can borrow student money to cover living costs, tuition costs, and travel and transportation costs.
  • Leap Finance provides 100% financial assistance or benefits to its applying students.

leap Financial Education Loan Eligibility Criteria

There are certain criteria you need to follow in order to avail Lipp Education Loan –

  • Students have to be Indian and their age should be more than 18 years.
  • The student should have a high academic background.
  • Students must have received an admission offer from USA and Canada.

How to Apply for leap Financial Education?

 Applying for financial education is quite simple. You can easily apply with the help of the points written below-

  • Step 1 First of all you go to the official website of leap Finance and check your eligibility.
  • Step 2 After this if you are eligible then fill out the online application form.
  • Step 3 In the third step, fill all the required documents and give your correct information.
  • Step 4 After completing all the steps Lipp Finance will contact you after 2 or 4 working days of your application.

What is the interest rate of lip finance?

Many factors affect the interest rate at Leap Finance. Students’ universities, courses, countries, GRI scores, academic performance, and experiences, among other things, all have an impact on loan tenure. Leap Finance provides loans at low rates.

Any student can afford to pay the interest rate on their student loans. The rate of interest for lip finance is estimated to be 8.5%-10.95% in 3 days of collateral and 1.5%-10% in no collateral processing fee.



Q. What are the documents required for a Leap Finance loan?

 For Leap Finance Loan, the student needs his Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Passport, Educational Certificate, Last 3 Months’ Pay Slip, Last 6 Months’ Bank Statement, etc.

Q. Is there any margin money required while applying for Leap Finance Education Loan?

 No, no margin is required at the time of the Leap Finance education loan.

Q. What is the repayment tenure of the Leap Finance Education Loan?

The complete repayment tenure of the Finance Education Loan is 3 years.

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