GMAT exam preparation course in Myanmar

If you are going to give Gmat exam from Myanmar or you are going to do Gmat exam preparation in Myanmar. So in today’s blog, we are going to cover all the information related to the GMAT exam preparation course in Myanmar.

You can prepare for the GMAT exam from many countries of the world. We can use both online and offline as a means of preparing for the GMAT. Provides the facility for the GMAT exam online. Which is also available in Myanmar.

GMAT exam preparation course in Myanmar

For the preparation for the GMAT exam, the facility of better courses can be provided by recognized institutes and organizations. Which works on four sections of the GMAT Exam. The four sections of the GMAT exam are as follows:

  • analytical writing
  • assignment integrated
  • Reasoning Quantitative
  • Reasoning Verbal Reasoning

The better organization also gives you the facility of practical tests of the GMAT exam. Which helps in enhancing your skills.

How to clear the GMAT exam in Myanmar?

GMAT Exam is counted in the category of a difficult examination. But that does not mean that you cannot crack it. You need good marks to crack the GMAT exam.

For this, some important points are given below, must read them –

  • Make a GMAT Plan: The GMAT exam consists of several components. For which you have to plan as soon as possible. This component includes essays, recommendation letters, resumes, and more. If you want, you can prepare for the GMAT exam even in 8 weeks.
  • Know the experience of the GMAT exam: Before preparing for the GMAT exam, be sure to know its experiences well and consider them.
  • Choose the best study material for the GMAT exam: Choose the right study material for the preparation for the GMAT exam. You choose trusted organizations. That can help you prepare better.
  • Work on your GMAT weaknesses: The first thing you need to prepare for any exam is to test yourself. So first you should know your weaknesses and work on them.
  • Pay special attention to time: You must take care of your time while preparing for the GMAT exam because you will have limited time. For this, keep giving tests and work at your own pace.
  • Do not stay on one question: Do not waste all your time on one question at the time of the exam. 2 minutes is enough for one question.
So the above given points will help you a lot for GMAT Exam.

GMAT Exam syllabus For Myanmar?

For your preparation for the GMAT exam, it is very important that you have knowledge of the exam syllabus. The GMAT exam is also divided into four parts. which is like this :

GMAT SectionGMAT Question Type
Quantitative ReasoningProblem SolvingData Sufficiency
Verbal ReasoningSentence Correction (SC)Critical Reasoning (CR)Reading Comprehension (RC)
Analytical Writing AssessmentAnalysis of an Argument
Integrated ReasoningTable AnalysisTwo-Part AnalysisMulti-Source ReasoningGraphics Interpretation

GMAT Exam Pattern

The GMAT exam is divided into four parts. which are given below. You will have to work very hard to crack this pattern exam. Also, its running time is 3 hours and 7 minutes.

SectionNumber of QuestionsScore Range
Analytical Writing Assessment (30 minutes)1 Topic (Essay)0-6
Integrated Reasoning (30 minutes)12 questions1-8
Quantitative (62 minutes)31 questions6-51
Verbal (65 minutes)36 questions6-51
Total Exam Time (3 hours 7 minutes)  

GMAT Registration

The online registration process for the GMAT exam is very easy. You have to do some of the following methods by visiting the official website of the GMAT exam:

  • create your account
  • choose your test date
  • choose your test center
  • fill out your application form
  • pay online
  • submit application
  • Now coming back can give Gmail exam

Test Center or Online Exam Comparison

FeaturesTest CenterOnline
StructureFour sections, are to be completed in the order of your choosing: Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Assessment. There are two optional 8-minute breaks.
Duration3 hours, 7 minutes (plus 30 minutes for check-in)
ScoringYour Official Score Report displays your Total Score, section scores, and your percentile ranking. Your unofficial score appears on the screen upon completion of the exam.
Available up to 7 days a week and can be scheduled up to 6 months in advance.Available around the clock and can be scheduled up to 6 months in advance.
CostFees are based on location and currency. See Exam Payment for details.
Reschedule and CancelFees are based on location, currency, and advance notice.
See Exam Payment details.
Exam Attempts5 attempts in a rolling 12-month period and 8 attempts in a lifetime.
Scratch Work ResourcesA 5-page laminated booklet and two dry-erase markers are provided.You may use your own physical whiteboard and you will have access to an online whiteboard.
AccommodationsAdditional testing time, breaks, and access to other resources.Additional test time and extended break times.
Viewing Your ScoreView your unofficial score immediately following the exam. Official Score Reports can be accessed on your account typically within seven business days (but may take up to 20 business days).
Score ValidityScores are valid for five years.
Score SendingSelect up to five programs to receive your Official Score Report at no charge. Additional score reports are available for a fee.Send five free score reports to programs within 48 hours of receiving your Official Score Report. Additional score reports are available for a fee.

Which online course is best for GMAT Examination in Myanmar?

If you choose an online platform for GMAT preparation, then GMAT gives you the same facility. Many websites on the internet can assist you in the preparation of cement. However, you seek the assistance of a government organization.

Am I eligible for the GMAT exam in Myanmar?

The eligibility criteria are very good, and you do not need any special academic qualifications. This exam can be taken from any country. Talking about age, those who are 13 or more years old can take this exam. A person between the ages of 13 and 18 needs the signature of his parents.

how much time does take GMAT examination

You have 3 hours and 7 minutes to give the exam. During this time, you have to complete the sections. Below is the charge of $250 if you want to do it online.

Fees for the GMAT Examination in Myanmar?

 Service FeesGMAT Exam
Delivered at a Test CenterDelivered Online
 GMAT Exam US$250US$275
 Enhanced Score Report (purchased at the time of registration) US$30 Not Available
 Additional Score Report US$35 eachUS$35 each
 Cancel score (via My Account page after the exam)   US$25Not Applicable
 Reinstate score  US$50Not Applicable
 AWA Essay Rescoring  US$45US$45
Reschedule FeesDelivered at a Test CenterDelivered Online
More than 60 days before the appointment US$50US$55
15-60 days before the appointment US$100 US$110
14 days or less before the appointment US$150US$165
Cancellation FeesDelivered at a Test CenterDelivered Online
More than 60 days before the appointment US$100 refundUS$110 Refund
15-60 days before the appointment  US$75 refundUS$80 Refund
 14 days or less before an appointment US$50 refundUS$55 Refund


Q. How can I give GMAT exam from Myanmar?

I can give GMAT exam from Myanmar with help online and offline.

Q. How much does it cost to give the GMAT exam from Myanmar?

It costs around $250 to take the Myanmar GMAT exam.

Q. How many times can I give the GMAT exam in March?

You can give GMAT exam 5 times in 12 months and 8 times in a lifetime. The GMAT exam is conducted in 6 calendar days

Q.What if I have to cancel my exam?

You can cancel up to 24 hours before your exam by clicking the cancel button on but note that you may have to pay a fee for that.

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