CMA: Course Details, Results, Exam, Syllabus, Intermediate, Best Salary in 2023?

CMA Course Details, Results, Exam, Syllabus: Certified Management Accounting is known by its full name. The USA’s Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) offers CMA certification. The CMA Course is the top certification in management accounting and calls for formal education.

The 12 subjects in the US CMA course syllabus are split into Parts 1 and 2. Budgeting, financial reporting, costing, internal controls, and advanced decision-making topics like financial statement analysis, risk management, marginal costing, corporate finance, and capital budgeting are all included in the CMA curriculum.

Students have 6 to 18 months to finish the CMA Course, which consists of both parts. Three years is the longest CMA may last. Each year, 4000 CMAs receive certificates with a 50% global pass rate.

The definition of Certified Management Accounting

Certified Management Accounting is known by its full name. In the USA, the Institute of Management Accountants, or IMA, offers this certificate program. The Certified Management Accounting course aids in specializing in managerial and executive-level responsibilities.

Candidates for the Certified Management Accounting program examine their knowledge of decision support, cost analysis, cost planning, cost control, and other related topics.

Candidates must meet certain educational and experience requirements as well as hold an active membership in the IMA Institute in order to be eligible for the CMA course. Additionally, they must pass the CMA entry tests and adhere to the ethical professional practice statement as set forth by the Institute of Management Accountants.

CMA Course Details

Course LevelCertificate Course
CMA Full FormCertified Management Accounting/Management Accounting Certification
CMA Duration3-4 years
CMA EligibilityBachelor’s Degree along with 2 years of Experience
CMA Colleges in IndiaGCEC Jaipur, EBS Navi Mumbai, Jettwings Group of Institutes
Course FeesINR 100,000
Average SalaryINR 7 lakhs
Top Job ProfilesFinance Manager, Budget Analyst, Internal Auditor, Financial Analyst, Cost Accountant, Senior Accountant, etc.
Top Recruiting CompaniesAT&T, Alcoa, Cargill, Boeing, Bank of America, etc.

Why pursue a career in certified management accounting?

CMA Course Details, Results, Exam, Syllabus

The Certificate in Management Accounting can be pursued for a number of reasons. Verify them in the areas below.

  • Good Compensation – Candidates who also possess a CMA degree are paid well. The Payscale estimates that the average annual income for certified management accountants in India is close to INR 7.90 lakhs.
  • Discover the fields of finance, accounting, and management – CMA candidates acquire in-depth expertise in the management, finance, and accounting fields. One of the titles that allow access to the corporate world, it is widely recognized.
  • Numerous Possibilities – After passing the CMA Certification Management Accounting course, numerous possibilities exist. 
  • Candidates have two options: they can begin working immediately and hold top positions for numerous reputable firms, or they can further their education in the accounting industry and build their résumé.
  • Renowned Job Profiles: Individuals with a Certificate in Management Accounting may hold prestigious jobs such as Finance Manager, Budget Analyst, Senior Accountant, Internal Auditor, Financial Analyst, Corporate or Division Planner, etc.

CMA Duration

Once the candidates satisfactorily meet the minimum eligibility requirements, CMA Duration IMA issues the CMA USA certificate. In comparison to other courses of a similar nature, the CMA USA course should be completed in 7-8 months, which is substantially less time. The length of time could, however, differ from one person to the next as long as the individual meets the minimum eligibility standards.

Online Admission for CMA

The CMA course’s online admissions procedure is described in the points below.

  • First, create an account on the IMA’s (Institute of Management Accounting) official website.
  • Fill out the application form, upload the required files, and finish the procedure by paying the registration costs to register for the CMA admission tests.
  • You get the authorization numbers, testing windows, and information bulletin after getting the registration confirmation.
  • The exam appointment with Prometric can be made at
  • Make sure you have the necessary paperwork with you when taking the examinations. It is advised to schedule your exams as soon as possible because candidates’ authorization numbers are only good for the testing window they chose and cannot be extended. But you have the same two-month window to adjust the test’s date.

CMA OF Syllabus

CMA USA Part 1CMA USA Part 2
Financial ReportingRisk Management
Planning and BudgetingProfessional Ethics
Cost ManagementInvestment Decisions
Performance ManagementCorporate Finance
Internal ControlsFinancial Statement Analysis
Technology and AnalyticsDecision Analysis

Qualifications for Certified Management Accounting

The following list of eligibility requirements for Certified Management Accounting is detailed:

  • Institut of Management Accountants membership (IMA).
  • Candidates for the CMA course and exam must have a bachelor’s degree from an approved college or university.
  • two years of relevant professional experience in financial management or management accounting.
  • completing both parts of the exam successfully.

CMA Fees

CMA Membership Fees
ProfessionalUSD 245
StudentsUSD 39
CMA Entrance Fees
ProfessionalUSD 250
StudentsUSD 188
CMA Examination Fees
ProfessionalUSD 415 per part
StudentsUSD 311 per part

Exam CMA

The US CMA course is divided into two parts, and as a result, there are two tests for each portion. Both tests are made up of 25% of subjective, essay-style questions and 75% of subjective, multiple-choice questions.

Three testing periods, namely January-February, May-June, and September-October, make up the six-month testing period provided by IMA. The scheduling of the exams is up to the candidates during the designated testing times.

The time restriction for parts 1 and 2 of the CMA exam is 4 hours, with 3 hours allotted for the objective segment and 1 hour allotted for the essay questions. The exam is administered by Prometric at numerous locations around the world. The candidate must plan the exam at least 72 hours in advance.

Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics100 multiple-choice questions, two essay questions4 hours
Strategic Financial Management100 multiple-choice questions, two essay questions4 hours

Institut CMA

The IMA, an organization committed to excellence in management accounting, is the Association of Accountants and Financial Professionals in Business. The CMA credential was created in 1972 to offer a measure of a person’s knowledge and proficiency in management accounting.

CMA Salary in India

Job ProfilesSalary (per annum)
Finance ManagerINR 1,086,304
Financial AnalystINR 514,291
Senior Financial AnalystINR 817,036
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)INR 3,698,416
Certified Management AccountantINR 500,000
AccountantINR 292,774
Cost AccountantINR 705,889


What does a CMA accounting certification entail?

A person may choose the Certified Management Accountant certification program if they want to contribute to corporate financial accounting and strategic management settings.

Ques. Is a CMA equivalent to a CPA?

Ans. The primary distinction between a CMA and a CPA is that the former is more suited for public accounting, whereas the latter is ideal for the sector. Unquestionably, the CPA looks nice on a resume and is the greatest credential in the sector.

Ques. A certificate or a degree, is CMA?

Ans. A professional certification program called Certified Management Accountant exists in the fields of management accounting and financial management.

Ques. Is CMA more difficult than CPA?

Ans. A bachelor’s degree, professional experience, and passing a license test are requirements for pursuing any of the certifications. Both certifications are distinctive and provide the candidate with a wealth of opportunities. But generally speaking, CPA is thought to be the more difficult of the two.

Ques. Are CMA exams challenging?

Ans. The CMA test has a very high level of difficulty. Candidates can succeed, nevertheless, if they put in the necessary effort and willpower.

Ques. Why is CMA a challenge?

Ans. Despite having access to sufficient study materials, students may struggle to handle the strain and may experience issues with time management.

Ques. Does CMA accounting pay off?

Ans. Passing the CMA exam is unquestionably worthwhile because it helps candidates stand out more in the job market.

Ques. What types of occupations are available to CMAs?

Ans. After earning their CMA, candidates can advance in their careers by becoming cost accountants, financial analysts, or financial risk managers.

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