Best 7 Local Car Insurance Agencies in Chicago

If you are looking for a Local Car Insurance Agencies in Chicago and are trying to get a profitable deal then this article is for you.

After reading this article you will know the best 7 local car insurance agencies in Chicago. Nowadays car insurance is a very common business because many people have a car.

This article is written with the help of many internet resources. We read many blogs which are present on the first page of the Internet and tested many agencies for local car insurance. Then we wrote this article.

We tested the top 20 car insurance agencies in Chicago and we chose the 7 best insurance agencies in Chicago.

Best 7 Local Car Insurance Agencies in Chicago

S.NOBest 7 Local Car Insurance Agencies in Chicago
1A1 Insurance and Financial Services LLC
2AMA Insurance Agency
3American Auto Insurance
4Clover Insurance Agency, Inc.
6Farmer Brown Insurance
7Insured ASAP Insurance Agency
Best 7 Local Car Insurance Agencies in Chicago
Best 7 Local Car Insurance Agencies in Chicago

1.A1 Insurance and Financial Services LLC

A1 insurance is my first local car insurance agency in Chicago. They are providing car insurance services to clients. They are providing services in the Chicago region. they have experience with insurance. They are providing useful and profitable services related to car insurance. They have a big team for managing all the functions of car insurance services.

Agency NameA1 Insurance and Financial Services LLC
Address15745 S Bell Rd, Homer Glen, IL 60491
SERVICESCar Insurance Services
Google Rating4.9 / 5 (51)
Facebook Rating5.0 / 5 (5)
Phone Number(708) 572-3613

2. AMA Insurance Agency

AMA Insurance Agency is my second insurance agency which is locked in Chicago. They were founded in 1988. They offered competitive pricing and Auto Insurance coverage for clients. They have a big team.

Agency NameAMA Insurance Agency
Address330 N Wabash Ave Ste 39300, Chicago, IL 60611
SERVICESCar Insurance Services
Google Rating3.7 / 5 (6)
Facebook Rating4.6 / 5 (9)
Yelp Rating1.0 / 5 (1)
Phone Number(773) 945-0418

3. American Auto Insurance

American Auto Insurance is my third car insurance agency which is located in Chicago. They provide car insurance-related services for clients. They also work for high-risk businesses. The company also accepted the Spanish language. they are able to work 24/7 in a week.

Agency NameAmerican Auto Insurance
Address3201 N Harlem Ave # 1, Chicago, IL 60634
SERVICESCar Insurance Services
Google Rating4.5 / 5 (330)
Facebook Rating3.5 / 5 (20)
Yelp Rating1.5 / 5 (15)
Phone Number(773) 974-6196

4. Clover Insurance Agency, Inc.

Clover Insurance Agencies is my 4th insurance agency which is located in Chicago for more than 40 years. they have experience in car insurance and they also offer car insurance and other transport services.

Agency NameClover Insurance Agency, Inc.
Address7535 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60645
SERVICESCar Insurance Services
Google Rating4.6 / 5 (104)
Facebook Rating5.0 / 5 (1)
Yelp Rating3.5 / 5 (5)
Phone Number(773) 692-0687

5. Einsurance

Einsurance is my fifth car insurance agency which is located in Chicago. They are providing car insurance services for their clients. The farm works with many big companies, which are famous car insurance agencies. they are providing transport insurance services for clients

Agency NameEinsurance
Address200 E Randolph St Ste 5100, Chicago, IL 60601
SERVICESCar Insurance Services
Google Ratingn/a
Facebook Rating5.0 / 5 (7)
Phone Number(773) 570-1047

6. Farmer Brown Insurance

Former Brown Insurance is my 6th car insurance agency which is located in Chicago. The farm arranges car insurance services for its client . Many big agencies are partners of this company. They work together. they have many big companies for car and other transport insurance services.

Agency NameFarmer Brown Insurance
Address750 N Franklin St Ste 208, Chicago, IL 60654
SERVICESCar Insurance Services
Google Rating4.5 / 5 (115)
Facebook Ratingn/a
Phone Number(773) 692-3302

7. Insured ASAP Insurance Agency

My last but not listed ASAP insurance agency is my 7th car insurance agency which is located in Chicago. The firm provides car insurance services. They worked with many big companies that have worked in car insurance services for many years. They have experienced team members also.

Agency NameInsured ASAP Insurance Agency
Address10607 S Harlem Ave, Worth, IL 60482
SERVICESCar Insurance Services
Google Ratingn/a
Facebook Ratingn/a
Phone Number(708) 809-8595


Q. Is auto insurance expensive in Chicago?

It makes sense that insurance costs in the city are often higher than those in the state. In actuality, Chicago’s insurance prices are $320 more expensive annually than the state’s average.

Q. What is Chicago’s required minimum for auto insurance?

If you carry liability insurance in the minimal levels shown below, you are in compliance with the law: $25,000 is awarded for one accident-related injury or fatality. $50,000 for each additional person injured or killed in an accident. $20 000 for harm done to another person’s property.


Lastly, I want to say that all the companies which are mentioned in this article insurance are experienced and provide special services related to car insurance services. They give you highly profitable services but before choosing, first do some research personally or learn carefully about his policy then you may go with anyone.


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